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Ahsan Munir

General Counsel

Masters in Law (LLM) – University of Dundee

Bachelors in Law (LLB Hons) – University of London

Ahsan Munir, is an accomplished legal practitioner specializing in diverse areas. With a strong focus on contracts, corporate legal advisory, energy, international law and investment, taxation, immigration, and lecturing, Ahsan Munir offers comprehensive and tailored legal solutions to meet the unique needs of clients. With an extensive background in handling complex contractual matters, providing strategic corporate counsel, navigating intricate energy regulations, facilitating international transactions, managing tax implications, and  resolving immigration challenges, Ahsan Munir is a trusted and experienced professional.

  • Masters in Law (LLM), CEPMLP, Petroleum, Taxation and Finance | University of Dundee – 2008
  • LLB (Hons), University of London – 2006

Ahsan Munir brings extensive experience in providing legal counsel and representation in a diverse range of areas. He has advised the European Union External Action Service, the United Nations Development Programme, and various other international missions on compliance with local laws, ensuring their operations align with legal requirements.

In his role as a legal representative, Ahsan Munir has successfully represented conglomerates, corporate entities, financial institutions, industries, mills, and governmental authorities before the High Court, Labour Court, and other judicial and quasi-judicial forums. He has handled a wide array of civil, corporate, taxation, and labor-related matters, utilizing his expertise to advocate for his clients’ interests effectively.

Ahsan Munir has also contributed to due diligence processes, reviewing agreements, contracts, and other legal and non-legal documents in acquisition transactions. His expertise extends to drafting various agreements such as bidding agreements, franchise agreements, joint venture agreements, share purchase agreements, and commercial services agreements, ensuring legal compliance and protecting the interests of his clients.

Within the energy sector, Ahsan Munir has provided valuable counsel to upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas entities on regulatory affairs, assisting them in navigating complex legal frameworks and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Moreover, he has advised and facilitated corporate restructuring, mergers, demergers, and acquisition matters, helping clients navigate the legal intricacies of these transactions.

Ahsan Munir’s expertise in intellectual property matters is also notable. He has advised clients on trademark, copyright, and patent registrations and has represented them before intellectual property tribunals and other legal forums.

Demonstrating his commitment to public service, Ahsan Munir has provided pro bono legal aid and representation to individuals affected by family law matters, assisting them before various legal forums and helping them navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Overall, Ahsan Munir’s breadth of experience showcases his proficiency in advising on legal matters across various sectors and his dedication to providing comprehensive legal solutions to his clients.

  • Contracts
  • Corporate Legal Advisory
  • Energy Law
  • International Law & Investment
  • Taxation 
  • Immigration Law
  • The Hague Academy of International Law – Académie de droit international de La Haye

Punjab Bar Council

Lahore High Court Bar Association

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