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Abeeha Khan

Associate Counsel

LLB Honors – University of London



Ms. Abeeha Khan is a highly skilled and accomplished practicing lawyer currently enrolled in the subordinate courts. She graduated from the prestigious University of London in 2021 and has since been working as a legal associate at one of the leading law firms for over 2.5 years.

In addition to her work at the law firm, Ms. Khan is actively involved in teaching Property Law (UOL), Tort Law (UOL), and Commercial Law (UOL) at TMUC, showcasing her dedication to legal education and knowledge dissemination.

Her areas of expertise span Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, and Constitutional Law, and she possesses an exceptional command over legal drafting and research, which adds great value to her client representations.

Ms. Khan has gained valuable experience by proceeding with cases before the subordinate courts for a year, handling various legal matters directly with clients, and providing them with sound advice on legal issues.

Moreover, she is a potential candidate for the prestigious IBA Diploma in Taxation, scheduled to commence in August and last for 6 months after its commencement, highlighting her commitment to continuous professional development and specialization in the field of taxation.

LLB Honors – University of London

  • Civil Law
  • Legal Research
  • Taxation¬†

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