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Hamza Qayyum


LLB Hons.,  University of London



Hamza provides comprehensive legal advisory services to the executive team and board of directors of companies. His role involves offering a diverse range of legal advice on various issues, as well as assisting in risk management to address potential challenges that a company may encounter. Additionally, Hamza collaborates with different departments to develop strategies and policies aimed at mitigating risks.

In his capacity, Hamza handles contract negotiation and drafts agreements that encompass dealings with clients, employees, and vendors, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Furthermore, he oversees litigation management in the event of disputes or legal proceedings, playing a crucial role in resolving conflicts effectively.

Corporate governance is another area where Hamza contributes significantly. He actively promotes and maintains good corporate governance practices and ensures adherence to relevant regulations. He is also well-versed in intellectual property (IP) laws and provides guidance on protecting IP rights, including trademark registrations, patent applications, and copyright issues.

Moreover, Hamza navigates government and regulatory affairs, assisting companies in navigating complex regulatory frameworks and advocating for their interests.

  • LLB Hons.,  University of London

Punjab Bar Council


  • Civil Law
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Corporate Law
  • Legal Opinion & Drafting
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