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At Ninety Two Chambers, our team of experienced Islamic finance lawyers is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in the field of Islamic finance. We understand the unique principles and requirements of Shariah-compliant transactions and are committed to assisting clients in navigating the complexities of Islamic finance while ensuring compliance with Islamic principles.

Our Islamic Finance Legal Services encompass a wide range of areas, including:

Shariah Compliance:
We advise clients on ensuring compliance with Shariah principles in their financial transactions. Our lawyers work closely with Islamic scholars and experts to ensure that transactions are structured and executed in accordance with the principles of Islamic law. We assist clients in identifying Shariah-compliant investment opportunities, reviewing contracts, and ensuring adherence to ethical and moral standards as part of Shariah.
Islamic Banking and Finance:
We provide legal support to Islamic banks and financial institutions, helping them navigate the regulatory landscape and operate in accordance with Shariah principles. Our lawyers assist in the establishment and licensing of Islamic banking institutions, structuring Shariah-compliant financial products, drafting Islamic finance agreements, and ensuring compliance with Islamic banking regulations.
Sukuk Issuance:
We advise clients on Sukuk (Islamic bond) issuances, including structuring, documentation, and regulatory compliance. Our lawyers assist issuers, underwriters, and investors in navigating the legal requirements of Sukuk issuances, ensuring compliance with Shariah principles and relevant securities regulations.
Islamic Funds and Investments:
We assist clients in structuring and launching Islamic investment funds and advising on Shariah-compliant investment strategies. Our lawyers provide guidance on the establishment of Islamic investment funds, regulatory compliance, fund documentation, and investor relations. We also advise clients on Shariah-compliant investment opportunities, including real estate, infrastructure projects, and private equity transactions.
Takaful (Islamic Insurance):
We provide legal support to Takaful operators, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and Shariah principles. Our lawyers assist in structuring Takaful products, drafting policy wordings, and advising on risk management and claims handling in accordance with Islamic principles.
Islamic Project Finance:
We advise clients on structuring Shariah-compliant project finance transactions, including infrastructure projects, energy projects, and real estate developments. Our lawyers assist in drafting project finance agreements, conducting due diligence, negotiating financing terms, and ensuring compliance with Shariah principles and regulatory requirements.
Dispute Resolution:
Our Islamic finance lawyers provide dispute resolution services for Islamic finance-related disputes. We represent clients in mediation, arbitration, and litigation proceedings, ensuring that disputes are resolved in accordance with Shariah principles and applicable legal frameworks.

We combine our legal expertise with a deep understanding of Islamic finance principles to provide tailored solutions to our clients. We stay abreast of the latest developments in Islamic finance, regulatory changes, and industry practices to deliver exceptional legal services in this specialized field.

Contact us to discuss how our Islamic Finance Legal Services can assist you in navigating the complexities of Shariah-compliant transactions, ensuring compliance with Islamic principles, and achieving your Islamic finance objectives. Our dedicated team of Islamic finance lawyers is ready to support you.

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