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Kelly Thornton


Master of Laws (LLM) –BPP University | Professional Legal Practice

Bar Professional Training Course – BPP University | Lincoln’s inn

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – Queen Marry University of London

Kelly Thornton is an accomplished legal professional with a diverse range of experiences and expertise. Called to the Bar of England and Wales by the prestigious Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in 2016, Kelly holds a first-class LLB from Queen Mary University of London. She further excelled in her academic pursuits, earning an LLM in Professional Legal Practice. 

She has a CMC accreditation for civil, commercial and employment disputes.

  • 2017 – Master of Laws (LLM) –BPP University | Professional Legal Practice
  • 2016  – Bar Professional Training Course – BPP University | Lincoln’s inn
  • 2015 – Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – Queen Marry University of London

Kelly’s passion for alternative dispute resolution led her to serve as the Head of Dispute Resolution Services at ADR-ODR International Ltd. Her role involved overseeing and managing mediation processes in various legal domains. She has successfully mediated disputes in commercial, civil, employment, travel, and medical negligence matters, accumulating more than six years of invaluable experience in the field.

As a highly skilled mediator, Kelly is well-versed in conducting mediation through various channels, including online platforms, telephone, and in-person sessions. Her expertise extends beyond the boundaries of the UK, as she provides mediation services internationally, catering to clients from diverse jurisdictions.

In addition to her mediation practice, Kelly is actively involved in training future mediators. She contributes to Hunt ADR’s training faculty, where she imparts her knowledge and skills to aspiring Civil-Commercial Mediators, equipping them with the necessary tools for successful dispute resolution.

Kelly’s legal acumen extends to criminal justice matters, where she possesses extensive knowledge. She is committed to pro bono work within the field of restorative justice, demonstrating her dedication to making a positive impact in the legal community and society as a whole.

With her comprehensive understanding of the law, her proficiency in mediation, and her commitment to justice, Kelly Thornton is a highly sought-after professional who consistently delivers exceptional results for her clients.

Kelly Thornton adopts a unique style and approach to mediation, driven by her deep understanding of conflict psychology and her unwavering commitment to facilitating autonomy for the parties involved. She recognizes the paramount importance of granting complete autonomy to the disputing parties, allowing them the freedom to navigate the mediation process according to their individual needs and preferences.

With a keen awareness of the diverse dynamics at play in mediation, Kelly remains flexible in her approach. She tailors her methods to the specific circumstances, whether it involves providing one-on-one support to a party, encouraging early engagement between the parties, or conducting mediations through alternative means such as telephone or online platforms. By accommodating the parties’ unique requirements, she fosters an environment where all participants feel heard, acknowledged, and empowered throughout the mediation process.

Kelly places great emphasis on the emotional well-being of the parties involved. Recognizing that disputes can often generate distress, she prioritizes creating a safe space where emotions are recognized, validated, and addressed rather than dismissed as inconsequential. She firmly believes that acknowledging and alleviating emotional distress is instrumental in achieving meaningful resolutions. In her mediation, every participant has an opportunity to express themselves fully, enabling both themselves and the other parties to reach mutually agreeable settlements.

Drawing on her extensive legal knowledge, Kelly ensures that the settlements reached in her mediations are not only equitable and satisfactory to all parties but also legally robust and enforceable in a court of law. This combination of legal expertise and mediation skills enhances the efficacy and durability of the outcomes she facilitates, instilling confidence in the parties’ ability to move forward with their agreements.

Through her empathetic and legally astute approach, Kelly Thornton creates an environment where parties can effectively navigate their disputes, find resolutions, and forge agreements that stand the test of time. Her dedication to honoring the autonomy and emotional well-being of the parties, combined with her commitment to legal excellence, sets her apart as a highly effective mediator.

  • Commercial Law
  •  Civil Law
  • Employment Law
  • Travel
  •  Property Law
  • Medical negligence
  •  Online mediation
  • Restorative Justice
  • UK Civil Mediation Council (CMC) accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator
  • Hunt ADR Mediator and Conciliator
  • Hunt ADR Mediation Training Faculty Member
  • ADR-ODR International accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator
  •  ADR- ODR International accredited Workplace Mediator
  • ADR-ODR International accredited Civil-Commercial Mediation Trainer
  • ADR-ODR International Managing High Conflict People Masterclass Participant
  • Denning Scholar at the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn
  • ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition Volunteer
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