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Mehr Malik

Legal Intern

LLB Honors – University of London



Mehr Malik is a driven LLB student with a passion for criminal law, determined to excel as a lawyer. Currently pursuing her degree at the prestigious University of London, she has actively sought out practical experiences to complement her academic pursuits. Through internships at esteemed law firms such as ABS & Co., Buttar & Associates, and S.M Masud & Associates, Mehr has immersed herself in the legal world, conducting research, creating comprehensive case reports, and gaining valuable insights into diverse legal domains, including family law, property law, criminal law, and corporate law. Her analysis & research in critical cases, like the survival of rape victims in the Mukhtaran Mai case, reflects her commitment to making a positive impact in the field. Possessing exemplary leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, Mehr has also actively contributed to legal workshops, conferences, and volunteer initiatives, championing justice and women’s rights. With a solid foundation in law and a wealth of practical experiences, Mehr Malik is well-equipped to carve a successful path as a dedicated and proficient lawyer.

LLB Honors – University of London

Islamabad Bar Council

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