Real Estate & Property Law

At Ninety Two Chambers, our team of experienced lawyers specializes in providing comprehensive legal services in the field of real estate and property law. We understand the complexities and intricacies involved in real estate transactions and are committed to assisting clients in navigating the legal landscape to protect their interests and achieve their real estate goals.

Our Real Estate and Property Law Services encompass a wide range of areas, including:

Property Acquisition and Due Diligence:
We assist clients in property acquisitions, conducting thorough due diligence investigations to identify any potential legal issues. Our lawyers review title documents, land records, zoning and land-use regulations, environmental assessments, and other relevant documents to ensure clear title and compliance with applicable laws. We provide guidance on property valuation, negotiations, and purchase agreements.
Property Development and Construction:
We offer legal support for property development projects, from land acquisition to construction and completion. Our lawyers assist in negotiating and drafting development agreements, construction contracts, and financing arrangements. We advise on zoning and land-use regulations, permitting, and compliance with building codes. We help clients navigate the complexities of real estate development and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
Commercial and Residential Leasing:
We provide legal counsel in commercial and residential leasing transactions. Our lawyers assist in negotiating and drafting lease agreements, addressing rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, rent reviews, lease renewals, and dispute resolution. We help clients protect their interests and ensure fair and enforceable lease agreements that comply with relevant laws and regulations.
Real Estate Financing and Mortgages:
We offer guidance on real estate financing and mortgage transactions. Our lawyers assist clients in negotiating and drafting mortgage agreements, loan documents, and security instruments. We advise on loan restructuring, refinancing, and compliance with regulatory requirements. We help clients secure financing and protect their interests in real estate transactions.
Title Disputes and Property Litigation:
Our lawyers represent clients in title disputes and property-related litigation. We handle disputes over ownership, boundaries, easements, and encroachments. We strive to resolve conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or litigation when necessary. We advocate for our clients' rights and interests in court and help them achieve favorable outcomes.
Real Estate Investment and Portfolio Management:
We provide legal support to real estate investors in managing and expanding their investment portfolios. Our lawyers offer guidance on real estate investment strategies, property acquisition, financing, lease agreements, and tax considerations. We assist clients in navigating legal and regulatory requirements to optimize returns on their real estate investments.
Real Estate Regulatory Compliance:
We help clients navigate real estate regulations and compliance matters. Our lawyers advise on land-use regulations, environmental compliance, permits, licenses, and government approvals. We assist clients in understanding and complying with local, state, and national real estate laws and regulations.
Real Estate Tax Planning:
We offer guidance on real estate tax planning and structuring. Our lawyers assist clients in minimizing tax liabilities related to real estate transactions, such as property acquisitions, sales, leases, and investments. We provide advice on tax-efficient holding structures, and tax incentives available in real estate investments.

We combine our legal expertise with a deep understanding of the real estate industry to provide tailored solutions for each client’s real estate and property needs. We strive to protect our clients’ interests, minimize risks, and ensure successful real estate transactions and ventures.

Contact us today to discuss how our Real Estate and Property Law Services can assist you in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions and investments. Our dedicated team of real estate lawyers is ready to support you in achieving your real estate goals while safeguarding your interests.


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