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At Ninety Two Chambers, our team of experienced lawyers specializes in providing comprehensive legal services in the field of sports law. We understand the unique legal challenges and dynamics of the sports industry and are committed to assisting clients in navigating the legal landscape to protect their interests, uphold their rights, and achieve their goals in the world of sports.

Our Sports Law Services encompass a wide range of areas, including

Contract Negotiations:
We offer guidance and representation in contract negotiations for athletes, coaches, and other sports professionals. Our lawyers assist in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating sports contracts, endorsement agreements, image rights agreements, and licensing agreements. We help clients secure favorable terms, protect their rights, and maximize their earning potential.
Player Representation:
We provide legal representation for athletes and sports professionals in various sports disciplines. Our lawyers advocate for our clients' interests in contract negotiations, team transfers, disciplinary proceedings, and disputes. We offer strategic advice on career development, image management, and brand protection. We work closely with athletes to ensure their legal rights are safeguarded throughout their professional sports journey.
Intellectual Property Protection:
We offer guidance on intellectual property protection in the sports industry. Our lawyers assist in trademark registrations, copyright protection, and licensing of sports-related intellectual property. We advise on brand management, sponsorship agreements, merchandising rights, and digital media rights. We help clients protect their valuable sports-related assets and enforce their intellectual property rights.
Governance and Regulatory Compliance:
We provide legal counsel on sports governance and regulatory compliance matters. Our lawyers advise sports organizations, governing bodies, and clubs on compliance with rules, regulations, and policies. We assist in establishing effective governance structures, addressing anti-doping regulations, ensuring fair play and ethical conduct, and managing disciplinary proceedings. We help clients navigate the complex landscape of sports governance and regulatory frameworks.
Dispute Resolution:
Our lawyers specialize in sports dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, and litigation. We represent clients in sports-related disputes, including contractual disputes, disciplinary proceedings, doping allegations, and image rights disputes. We strive to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of sports regulations and industry practices.
Sports Facility Development and Management:
We offer legal support for sports facility development and management projects. Our lawyers assist in negotiating and drafting facility lease agreements, sponsorship agreements, and vendor contracts. We advise on zoning regulations, construction contracts, and compliance with safety and accessibility standards. We help clients navigate legal complexities to ensure successful sports facility projects.
Sports Events and Sponsorship:
We offer legal counsel on sports event organization and sponsorship matters. Our lawyers assist in negotiating and drafting event hosting agreements, sponsorship contracts, and endorsement agreements. We advise on compliance with event regulations, ticketing, branding, and risk management. We help clients navigate the legal aspects of sports events and leverage sponsorship opportunities.

We combine our passion for sports with legal expertise to provide tailored solutions for each client’s sports law needs. We understand the competitive and fast-paced nature of the sports industry and are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

Contact us today to discuss how our Sports Law Services can assist you in navigating the legal complexities of the sports industry. Our dedicated team of sports lawyers is ready to support you in protecting your rights, advancing your career, and achieving your goals in the world of sports.

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