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The Day Care Centres Act, 2023, enacted on 15th June 2023, aims to provide the facility of day care centers in public and private establishments. The Act applies to the Islamabad Capital Territory and comes into effect immediately upon enactment. It defines “daycare” as child care during the day when parents work and “establishment” to include various types of organizations. The Federal Government is responsible for ensuring day care centers in establishments with at least seventy employees, while private establishments with a similar workforce must also establish day care centers for their employees. Non-compliance with the Act results in a written warning, followed by fines up to one hundred thousand rupees and, in persistent cases, imprisonment for six months. Offenses under the Act are tried under the Code of Criminal Procedure by a first-class magistrate. The Federal Government has the power to make rules for effective implementation and to address any difficulties that may arise. The Act’s ultimate goal is to facilitate child care for working parents and promote a supportive work environment in the public and private sector

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